We can do better.

San Francisco is the greatest city in America – there’s a reason (actually hundreds of reasons) why people move here from all over the world. We are also one of the most prosperous and wealthy cities in the nation. In this terrible time of Donald Trump, we must be an example of a city that works for ALL our residents.

Unfortunately, for the last twenty years, city leadership has failed to invest in our residents and the services we rely on every day. Many residents feel San Francisco is not working for them.

I know we can do better.

I’m running for Mayor to help us reinvest in our city and our residents so we can ensure that every person and every neighborhood has the chance to thrive. Over the course of this campaign, I will be releasing my policies to detail how I will move our city forward. As your Mayor, I will bring the change needed to:

Strengthen City Services and Improve Our Quality of Life

  • Make Cleaning Our Streets the Top Priority of City Hall (read my plan here)
  • Address Traffic Congestion (read my plan here)
  • Make MUNI Work, Re-Invest in Transit Solutions and Support Bicyclists and Pedestrians
  • Create Central DA and Police Units to Tackle Auto Burglaries
  • Invest in Liveable/Walkable Communities that Reduce the Number of Cars on Our Streets and Strengthen Our Unique Neighborhoods

Heal Our Homeless Crisis and Make Our City Safer

  • Improve Shelter Access and Medical Care for Homeless Residents (read my plan here)
  • Create a Behavioral Health Court to Help Mentally Ill Residents Get Care, Not Jail Time

Address Income Inequality and the Opportunity Gap

  • Create More Affordable Housing for Middle and Low-Income Families (read my plan here)
  • Make Universal Early Childhood Education Affordable for All Families (read my plan here)
  • Stop Unfair Evictions
  • Bring Good-Paying Jobs to All Communities and Provide San Franciscans with the Training and Skills They Need to Access these Jobs

Honor Our Diversity and History

  • Stand Up for San Francisco’s Values in the Face of Trump Attacks on Immigrants
  • Protect Legacy Businesses and Corridors that Reflect Our Rich History
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Jane Kim with supporters at park
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