Jane Kim is a proven progressive leader who is committed to making San Francisco work for all of us.

San Francisco is home to innovation, and it will require big ideas and an innovative mind to address our city’s most pressing issues.

In this election, we have the opportunity to make San Francisco a beacon for the nation. We are not only a progressive city, we have the resources to implement progressive policies which invest in people and infrastructure to create fundamental change. With courageous leadership and vision, we can demonstrate what a city which invests in childcare, education and housing looks like as Washington DC continues to divest from communities and dismantle programs which strengthen our working and middle class.

Jane has a plan to make San Francisco work for all of us

As our Mayor she will:

  • Declare an immediate State of Emergency on homelessness – ensuring that Sacramento takes up the fight alongside us to end homelessness in San Francisco and across California
  • Create universal early childhood education to provide families with high quality care, close our achievement gap and invest in a productive workforce which includes women
  • Place a moratorium on unfair evictions to keep people in their homes, instead of kicked onto our streets while we address San Francisco’s eviction crisis
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San Francisco Loves Clean Streets

Jane Kim understands that waste on our streets isn’t just an eyesore, it’s an economic and environmental disaster and a public health crisis waiting to happen. As a Supervisor, she has pushed for additional funding to step-up street cleaning this year and as our next Mayor, she will implement an aggressive plan to clean our streets.

Over the last three years, there has been a sharp uptake in reports of trash, feces, needles, glass and other materials on our street. Data compiled by the city indicates this problem has gotten worse over the last three years with 311 service requests more than doubling.

Her San Francisco Loves Clean Streets plan includes three immediate steps to address this problem:

  • Partner with non-profit group and Community Benefit Districts to greatly expand deployment of Neighborhood Streets Team which employ homeless individuals to help clean the streets while providing them with job training skills and housing income.
  • Double the number of “Pit Stops” in high problem areas to reduce public urination and defecation and cut the risk of disease.
  • Double the number of street cleaners. Cities like Hong Kong have thousands of street cleaners. San Francisco has 285. We can do better and have the resources to do so.

In the longer term, she will appoint a Clean Streets Director and work with business leaders, non-profits, city agencies and community health experts to put in place the preventative and enforcement measures to stop public street disposal. Read more about San Francisco Loves Clean Streets.

Jane Kim has fought for our city because she loves our city – and she knows San Francisco won’t be the place we all know and love if city government doesn’t work for all of us.

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Better Transit and Transportation for Everyone

Traffic congestion clogs our streets, pollutes our environment, frustrates residents and workers and hurts our economy. Our city has grown by approximately one hundred thousand residents in less than ten years and we are still growing. However, our transit system has not kept pace with this growth.

As San Francisco’s Mayor, Jane Kim will get San Franciscans moving again by:

Improving Transit and Investing in Other Modes of Transportation

  • Fund more buses and longer MUNI cars
  • Build a citywide network of protected bike lanes
  • Invest in a regional ferry system
  • Improve customer service and amenities like Wi-fi access on MUNI
  • Implement Vision Zero to reduce traffic fatalities to zero

Reducing Traffic Congestion

  • Double the number of traffic enforcement officers to keep intersections clear and traffic moving during rush hour
  • Implement reasonable regulation on ride-hailing companies to make sure these vehicles are complying with traffic laws

Read more about Jane’s transportation and transit plan here.

Traffic in San Francisco
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