In advance of Tuesday’s vote on controversial SB 827, Jane Kim releases new video:
“This Is Our City – We Need To Shape It”

Jane Kim knows that we must build more housing – but we have to do it the right way.

Controversial Senate Bill 827, has become a major dividing line in the Mayor’s race, Supervisor Jane Kim released a new video ad where she speaks directly to voters about the right way to build housing in San Francisco and why she opposes SB 827 as fundamentally flawed.

“What San Francisco needs is more affordable housing – not more luxury condos,” Kim says in the video. “But right now there’s a plan called Senate Bill 827. This bill would allow unlimited luxury condo high-rises in the Sunset, Richmond, Excelsior, West Portal, Mission, Bernal Heights, Noe Valley and Chinatown. This plan is a failure. We can build more housing without destroying our neighborhoods. And who will benefit from building luxury condo towers? Luxury condo developers. They will make billions of dollars. The reality is many of these luxury units remain empty as investments. And vacant luxury towers don’t build community, house our residents or make our neighborhoods safer. As the Supervisor who has approved and built more housing than any other city legislator in the last seven years, I can say SB 827 is plain wrong. This is not how we build. We don’t need to destroy our neighborhoods to save San Francisco. This is our city – we need to shape it, not the developers.”

Earlier this month, Supervisor Kim and a majority of her colleagues on the Board of Supervisors voted for a resolution that put the City and County of San Francisco on record opposing SB 827. Supervisor Kim is the only candidate for Mayor to vote to oppose SB 827. San Francisco joins cities across the state and the Sierra Club, labor unions, affordable housing and tenant groups, neighborhood associations and a diverse coalition opposing SB 827. The bill faces its first hearing in the State Senate on Tuesday.

April 16, 2018|