Jane Kim Releases First Video Ad of Campaign:
“San Francisco Loves Clean Streets”

Supervisor Jane Kim released the first in a series of video ads speaking directly to voters about how she will handle some of the most important issues facing San Francisco’s next Mayor.

“The state of our streets is embarrassing,” says Kim in the video ad. “That’s why I announced my ‘San Francisco Loves Clean Streets’ initiatives. We’ll double the number of street cleaners. We’ll employ homeless residents to help clean our streets while earning a fair wage. And we’ll double the number of monitored public toilets. As Mayor, cleaning up our streets will be my top priority. Because we can do better.”

Supervisor Jane Kim is currently sponsoring an emergency funding request at City Hall to increase funding for street cleaning by $2.5 million over the next four months to dramatically expand the city’s capacity to clean and maintain San Francisco streets.

As our Mayor, she will take three immediate steps to clean up San Francisco’s streets:

  • Partner with non-profit groups and Community Benefit Districts to greatly expand deployment of Neighborhood Street Teams which employ homeless individuals to help clean the streets, while providing them with job training skills and income.
  • Double the number of “Pit Stops” in high problem areas to reduce public urination and defecation and cut the risk of disease.
  • Double the number of street cleaners. Cities like Hong Kong have thousands of street cleaners. San Francisco has 285. We can do better and have the resources to do so.
March 20, 2018|