Former Supervisors Matt Gonzalez and John Avalos Endorse Jane Kim for Mayor

The two top contenders for mayor in the last two competitive elections are united behind Jane Kim. Former San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez and Supervisor John Avalos today announced their support for Jane Kim in her campaign for Mayor of San Francisco.

“I am endorsing Jane Kim for mayor because she is the most progressive candidate in the field and shares my commitment to economic justice and neighborhood empowerment,” said former Supervisor Matt Gonzalez. “She’s been a leader in lifting the minimum wage to $15 an hour and in securing expanded educational opportunities for San Franciscans who attend City College. Having served on the Board of Education, her in-depth knowledge of our local schools will make her the first mayor in over 40 years to have that critical experience and firsthand knowledge. I am certain Jane will make a fine mayor.”

“Jane Kim has devoted her career to fighting for all San Francisco residents – to make our diverse city more equitable so that everyone can share in its wealth,” said former Supervisor John Avalos. “I am proud to stand with Jane because I have worked side by side with her on tough battles, like negotiating record levels of affordable housing in new developments and making City College free once again. I know she will fight every day she is mayor of this city to make sure that disenfranchised people, working families and middle-class residents have a place in this city.”

“I am incredibly honored to have the early and strong support of Matt Gonzalez and John Avalos – they are progressive champions and public policy heavyweights who have dedicated their careers, inside and outside elected office, to fight for everyday San Franciscans,” said Supervisor Kim. “At a moment when this country is being led in the absolute wrong direction by a right-wing billionaire and his corporate cronies in the White House, now is the time for San Francisco to lead on behalf of our nation and show what it means to invest in affordable housing, public education and public infrastructure to regrow a strong working and middle class community again.”

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February 2, 2018|