Jane Kim Gordin Chin Endorsement

Chinatown Community Development Center Founder Gordon Chin Endorses Jane Kim

The Founder of the Chinatown Community Development Center, Gordon Chin, announced his support for Jane Kim for Mayor of San Francisco. Chin has spent decades advocating for Chinatown residents, including founding one of the most respected and longest-lasting community advocacy organizations in the City. In his endorsement, he cited Kim’s long-time work to protect tenants from eviction, create more affordable housing and improve educational opportunities.

“Jane Kim has spent more than a decade supporting and advocating for the people of Chinatown. Before serving as a School Board Member and Supervisor, she was one of our organizers, working with young people in our community and leading an all-volunteer effort to clean up alleyways and make Chinatown a better place to live,” said Chin. “As a Supervisor, she has been a forceful advocate for more affordable housing, protecting tenants from eviction, good schools and pathways to more affordable higher education. I know Jane and I know she will be a strong and compassionate voice for Chinatown and every neighborhood in San Francisco.”

“I am incredibly honored to have the endorsement of Gordon Chin, who was been a friend and mentor to me for close to 20 years,” said Kim. “He has never stopped fighting for the people of Chinatown and San Francisco and I pledge to continue to stand with him to make sure Chinatown residents – and all San Franciscans – have access to affordable housing, protections for tenants, good jobs and great educational opportunities.”

Gordon Chin was born in Chinatown and in 1977 founded the Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) to build and preserve affordable housing, advocate for residents and preserve the quality of life of Chinatown residents. Thanks in large part to his leadership, Chinatown remains the cultural and social heart of the Chinese community in San Francisco. He stepped down from his post as Executive Director in 2011, after nearly 35 years, but remains an honored and respected leader who continues to advocate for the community he helped lead.

His endorsement of Kim recognizes the many years she has spent working with and advocating for the Chinese community in San Francisco, including several years as a Youth Organizer at CCDC. Throughout her public life, Kim has pushed to make sure San Francisco is an inclusive place that continues to welcome those of every background and income level. And as our next Mayor, she will fight to make sure San Francisco works for everyone – not just those at the very top.

January 10, 2018|