Jane Kim

Jane Kim: It’s Time for Fundamental Change in San Francisco

San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim took the first steps to run for mayor by forming a mayoral campaign committee and pulling nominating papers for the June 2018 election. Kim issued the following statement:

“Our city and our next mayor will be confronted with the question of what kind of San Francisco we want to be, not just for the next two years but for the next generation. Mayor Lee began the process of shepherding us through a period of great transition and it’s important we continue that work and make the needed changes to address income inequality, housing costs, affordable child care and homelessness. These are among the many interconnected challenges that come due to the rising gap between rich and poor – and the hollowing out of our middle class.

“It is time for fundamental change. If we stay on the path we are on, things will get even better for the wealthiest among us, but worse for the rest of us. I’m asking our residents and businesses, big and small, to come together to invest in a city we all love and solve these problems together. I’m running for mayor because I believe strongly that at this moment, we should and must be a San Francisco that is an example to the rest of the nation.”

December 20, 2017|